Feedback that really made my day!




As the former CEO and Chairman of the Board of Wilson Banwell Human Solutions it has been my pleasure to work with some outstanding colleagues and executives over the years. However, several individuals stand out as a function of their talent character and dedication to a mission. For these individuals I am preparing unsolicited references and will do anything I can to ensure their future is rewarding.

Among my select group is Dr. Scott Wallace. I have worked with Scott for over fifteen years and have relied and depended upon his commitment to excellence from the outset. Scott brings to any task a unique set of talents. He is an exceptionally well trained and experienced clinical psychologist, a creative genius with an artistic talent that distinguishes him from others in developing and producing the most advanced technology in the health care market. 

In my experience it is rare to find someone with this range of skills who is also an outstanding individual. His dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence in bringing new products to our market in a timely fashion made him an invaluable asset to our organization. His warm demeanour, good sense of humour and ability to genuinely attend to the needs, issues and interests of others made him one of the most respected and liked members in our company.

If integrity, along with the skills noted above are of interest to you I cannot endorse Scott highly enough.

Robert F. Wilson, PhD, FCPA, CEO and Chairman, Wilson Banwell Inc. (now Homewood Human Solutions)

“Scott, I want to convey my appreciation to you for the many ways in which you have been so responsive to us and our needs as we live the ‘birthing’ of many aspects of our corporate resilience initiative. This is the most ambitious, complex, and comprehensively systemic effort I have tackled. Your consistent follow-through, patience, and occasional ‘calm down’ are most appreciated. I want you to also know how much I respect the quality and relevance of the resource development you are doing. Your work stands out for its clarity, integrity of content, tone/spirit, and recognition of audience differences…I can appreciate what it takes to do what you do…which is significant.”

Sheryl Neiburh, Former Director, 3M Health Services

”Scott Wallace [is a] very talented, experienced speaker. I thoroughly enjoyed and obtained valuable information. I would strongly recommend Dr. Wallace be invited back in the future [for] workshops.

Vice President, TELUS

“Guess what! Your session was the highest rated of all.”

Director, Pension Benefits Plan Conference

“Exceptional assistance provided to the [team] by Dr. Scott Wallace…our implementation and change management teams look forward to continuing to work closely with Scott to develop practical online strategies and tools that will help us condition our stakeholders for the changes.”

Keynote feedback, Scott Paper Company national meeting, Florida, USA.

“I personally thank you for partnering with us on our [social media] initiatives and appreciate your time and thought on delivering our key messages.”

Keynote feedback, MedTronic, Seattle, Washington

“What was most useful working with us? Your energy and enthusiasm. It’s contagious!”

Executive Vice President, BCTEL (now TELUS)


Comments from conference workshop participants


  • “Excellent for a 3 hour course. Professionally presented and not intimidating for any person no matter what perspective they come from.”
  • “Excellent, excellent, excellent. Lots of energy, well done. Kept my attention for the whole session for the first time today…and this is my last session!”
  • Feedback Form Questionnaire: “Suggestion for the next conference?” Answer: “More of Scott Wallace!” “Dr. Wallace is probably one of the best speakers I have ever had the pleasure of hearing. He is extremely personable, well-informed and passionate about his presentation…I am confident that this information will be crucial in guiding me to manage change.”
  • “A very refreshing approach to leadership of change management. Scott brought in concepts that I don’t usually hear about in relation.”
  • “I would attend any workshop that he facilitated! No hesitation.”
  • “I find Scott to be approachable—an ‘expert’ who shares his personal stories to build a commonality with those who may not be as far ahead as he. I am impressed by his passion, his energy and enthusiasm.”
  • “I felt my time was well spent during this learning experience—exceptionally so!”