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Percentage of internet users who engage on social media. 80% of those are specifically looking for health information.


Percentage of Canadians using apps and wearables who say their health status has improved due to their use of these apps.


Percentage of Canadians under 35 who have used a mobile app for health advice in the past 3 months.

Helping individuals and companies maximize energy and improve wellbeing - fueling higher performance and inspiring purposeful living.

Traditional topics in mental health and well-being no longer resonate with a multigenerational workforce that includes mobile, tech-savvy employees who have made work/life balance, well-being, and personalized healthcare of highest priority, to whom purpose and meaning in work is paramount, “mindfulness” is the new relaxation, “mHealth” is the new self-help, and “integration” is the new balance.
Engage Your Greatest Asset

Workshops/Seminars include selection guidelines and recommendations of top digital health tools relevant to each topic (e.g. apps, wearables, and websites). Workshops include step-by-step participant Action Guides.

All content is based on evidence-based practices (e.g. CBT) and generally accepted best practices and clinical guidelines.


Boost Your Mental Health

Good mental health is more than being free of depression, anxiety, or other psychological issues.
Learn strategies to boost mood, improve resilience, and increase happiness with the “Boost Your Mental Health” series of workshops and seminars.


Live Your Best Life

From youth to older age,
take your life off cruise control!
Start realizing your potential, recharge your passion for work, prepare for a retirement chapter of life, refuel your spirit for caregiving, and discover ways to best support your relationships and community


Take Control Of Your Digital Life

Tethered to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and emails?
These workshops and seminars teach ways to choose wearables, apps, and social media that support mental well-being, and offer strategies to “digitally detox” when your online activity becomes all-consuming.


mHealth Scaling and Interoperability: Why So Slow To Evolve?

Four years have passed since we reached a milestone in the mobile technology space: the number of phones on the planet surpassed the number of people for the first time. Indeed, the smartphone is the fastest growing manmade phenomenon ever - from zero to 7.2 billion...

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Six Apps Designed to Help Reduce Depression and Anxiety

Whether it’s a peer-support chat room or a mood-tracker, these five apps can be extremely useful tools for practicing self-care.       1. Moodpath   Moodpath asks daily questions to screen for symptoms of depression. Whether it’s been a rough week or it’s a concern...

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A creative genius with an artistic talent that distinguishes him from others in developing and producing the most advanced technology in the health care market.

Robert F. Wilson, PhD, CEO

Wilson Banwell Inc. (now Homewood Health)

Scott…your work stand out for its clarity, integrity of content, tone/spirit, and recognition of audience differences…This is the most ambitious, complex, and comprehensively systemic effort I have tackled.

Sheryl Niebuhr, PhD

Director 3M Health Services

What was most useful working with us? Dr. Wallace’s energy and enthusiasm. It’s contagious! I would strongly recommend he be invited back for workshops.

Darry Connor, MBA

Telus Mobility Executive VP

Clients (Partial List)

3M — ICBC — Manulife — AstraZeneca — GlaxoSmithKline — Pfizer — Pharmasave Drugs International — Canadian Mental Health Association — Exxon US Medical — Bell Canada —  Revenue Canada — Scott Paper Co. — MacMillan Bloedel — Weyerhaeuser Canada — Homewood Health

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